Inspired to Encourage: Just Do It (plus Freebie)

Inspired to encourage: just do it

Inspired to Encourage: Just Do It


It was the worst day I’d had in a long time.




I had cried, yelled, and hissed through clenched teeth…and it was only 9am.


My poor children.

My poor husband.


But mainly I was thinking about poor, poor me.


So many things were at work within my turmoiled self.

Out-of-whack hormones.


The desperate, DESPERATE need for a break. 


But mostly, I was mourning.


Mourning for my kids, heart aching as I thought about all that they miss out on from home.

Birthday parties with their little friends.

Preschool with Teach Lorraine.

Grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.

A faith community abounding with other kids their own age.


Mourning for me, heart bitter and desperate as dwelt on all that I miss out on from home.

Mornings alone while my kids go to preschool.

Date nights with my husband.

Regular get-togethers and coffee dates with friends and family.

More freedom to be involved in ministry because of more childcare opportunities.



I felt that we had robbed them.

I felt that we had robbed me.


I wondered silently if maybe, just maybe God had not done His best when he moved us to a totally foreign country with three kids under the age of four. Did He not know how absolutely LIMITED I would be here?


Those thoughts still cross my mind in my gloomier moments.


I had lost my perspective. Descent into the abyss of despair was well on its way.

More accurately, descent was complete.

I was in a hole.

It was dark, it was miserable, and it was lonely.


So I did what I always do when I lose all my joy: I lay on the bed, stared at the ceiling, and checked. out. Paralysed by gloom and feeling like giving up.


beep disrupted the silence as my phone let me know that I had a new message. It was from my good friend, Nadia.


I read her words and started weeping.

I thought I’ll say this. When You think of your kids and that it’s hard for them there…when God called you and Tommie to this move, he called your family. He didn’t call you and Tommie, and then realize, ‘Oh, oops, I never planned for there to be kids, and now it’s hard because there are kids.’ He called your kids to be in this with you.


In moments like these I know there is a God. Because, although she had no idea of my turmoil, Nadia wrote this to me at the exact moment that I so desperately needed the reminder.


Her message wasn’t long and wordy. It wasn’t full of Bible verses. She wasn’t teachy.


It was simple. Encouraging. En pointe.

It was a godsend.




Should I have been more self-controlled? For sure.

Was it my responsibility to encourage my soul with the truth? Definitely.

Did my friend’s well-timed (God-timed) message do for me what I wasn’t doing for myself? Heck yes.


The Holy Spirit inspired my sweet sister: he put me on her mind and she felt burdened for me and my struggles.

Then she did something about it. 

Nadia took the time to type out a message that I’m sure she didn’t think was a big deal at the time. But the Holy Spirit used her words as a rope for me to cling to. And I began to climb out of the pit and back into the light.


And now I am inspired.


To sensitively listen to the Holy Spirit as he places people in my thoughts.


To be a rope-thrower.


To speak life.


Thank you, Nadia. That day, because of you, I didn’t give up.

I want to do the same for others.


Encourage one another, and build each other up. I Thessalonians 5:11



encourage one another

This pretty 8×10 digital printable is just for you! Simply download, print, trim to size, and frame! Simply click the link below to download!

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November 9, 2016
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