About Me


“I lead a small life – well, valuable, but small.” (Kathleen Kelly)

Hi, I’m Alli! That quote above? It’s from You’ve Got Mail and it pretty much sums me up. This is my small life…so far. 

I was born in Ohio, USA to two incredible people who love the Lord so much that they followed him to South Africa when I was 5 years old. My four sisters, aka best friends for life, joined the tribe, and we all grew up together in our beautiful rainbow nation. (It’s the most incredible country on earth, no bias here!) I embraced the faith of my parents at a young age…all of life is about Christ, and I just want to learn to live like it.

In 2009, a sweet, funny, super-good-looking man with a great laugh swept me off my feet and promptly asked me to marry him. (I promptly said yes.) A few years in and we have been taken by storm by our three little humans, one joining our forever family through adoption. It’s a wild ride with all. the. feels.

Several months ago, we uprooted our little family and re-planted ourselves in Asia. As a foreigner, fighting for joy in Christ is a day-by-day endeavour for me, and writing helps me do that.

Random stuff about me:

  • I love creating beautiful designs (visit my shop!)
  • I am addicted to social media.
  • My perfect day includes a bottle of Coke, chocolate, and my kids taking a good, long nap.
  • I am a qualified speech pathologist and audiologist.
  • My sisters and I can quote most of You’ve Got Mail, Father of the Bride, and the Jane Austen books/movies.
  • I don’t get nearly enough sleep…there are just too many dreams to chase!

We’re all on a life in transit, and it’s a great adventure. I just want to grow on the go.

So…that’s me! Let’s be friends! Connect with me here!

September 12, 2016